Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Glamour Shots

The long, detailed email regarding the tribute page for my 8th grade daughter's year book that I would need to put together came earlier in the school year. I filed it away until this past weekend when my daughter reminded me that it was due just 2 days later! This was a project that had I not completely forgotten about, I would definitely have procrastinated doing it. This project would require creativity of which I possess none and time to sift through digital pictures of which I have even less. I pulled out last year's year book to get some ideas and the pages ranged from ridiculous glamour shots to awkward family photos!  Where is my good best friend with her awesome scrap booking skills? No where to be found! I was clearly on my own except for super duper tech support for transferring the pictures to a CD.

In the process, I went down my digital memory lane on my laptop as I saw with my own eyes in pictures the transformation of my daughter from an unsure almost 8 year old when she joined our family to a beautiful, happy 14 year old. When did this happen? Or the better question, how did this happen? I was reminded again of the amazing miracle that God has done to make us family. I love seeing her beautiful smile that I get to see often these days.

I did the best I could with the page and she was so grateful that I completed the project on time, she didn't even mind when I told her I used a picture with her hair in a bun and no make- up! While it isn't the most glamorous picture, it is a precious picture to me of my happy daughter.

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