Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Iron Maiden

My son is going through a difficult time right now therefore I am going through a tortuously difficult time right now. Never having had a son before, this puts me squarely in uncharted territory. I can find no rhyme or reason for most of the things he does. I find myself asking," Why???" many times a day with this one.

Well, this week, he found himself face to face with Iron Maiden aka, the school principal after being overheard uttering the refrain of "Yo Mama" about someones mother. In his version, he is defending me from some unkind   words said about me, but that is beside the point.This expression does not go over in a Christian school environment. The principal gave him an assignment that he was to bring home for us to sign before going on his class field trip the next day. The assignment failed to reach me and in fact I knew nothing about the incident until the phone call the next day when she did not  receive it. Her consequences were swift and perfect. He would not be joining his class on the field trip and this was before even speaking to me about it! Instead, he would spend the day with her in her office. I LOVE this woman! In this day of wimpy politically correct principals, she is the personification of brave and wise and awesome! Not only that, she prayed for the consequences to teach my son. Lord, let it be so! She then encouraged me with stories about her own difficult young son who is now grown and doing well. What? The Iron Maiden had a difficult son!

My son has been completely mum about his reflecting time with the principal which I understand was filled with weeping and gnashing of teeth. Again, I don't know why exactly he has not shared his experience with us. Does he want to keep this special time just between the two of them? He did produce the note the next day for me to sign moments before I was to take him to school. That I get. I would be rushing to get them out the door and not have time to deal with it.

I suspect my humbling time is not over. He's only 10 years old! Thankfully, God is faithful to put people like the Iron Maiden in my path to help and encourage me just when I need it. For that I say,"Thank you God".

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