Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It pays to volunteer to be the scorekeeper for your daughter's volleyball game, which incidentally is not easy. The only more difficult scoring I had to keep was Bible Quiz and I never got the right score!

Firstly, you can sit at the buzzer table with the big wigs and give thumbs up to the ref when there are substitutions. Secondly, you can witness your daughter score an awesome point for her team and watch her jump up and down with glee afterward. She is not of the"cool" variety of middle schoolers yet. Thirdly, you find out from a mom that her daughter and my son have a little romance going? What! And I thought he was coming to the game to support his sister! Not so. It's a younger woman on Summer's volleyball team who has her eyes on him and he more than ok with this. I'm hoping that at the very least this tryst translates to longer showers. More studying? Unlikely. Could it be the stinky hair gel that he started applying liberally?

Thankfully I have the Meghan Kelley of Eastside, The Summer Files, I call it. She is a wealth of information. Apparently, her friend has liked him from the first time she saw him! Is she using Summer merely to get to Lucas? I can't even go there. What happened to American Girl and Barbies?

I don't know if I'm ready to witness a boy go through puberty. No, I definitely am not ready to witness this. But you can bet I'll be keeping score again tomorrow at the volleyball game!