Friday, July 15, 2016

Brigadiers Will Live In My Heart

The more time I spend on this earth the more dear friendships are to me, especially life long friends I've had since childhood, friends I shared a small day bed that she had growing up and even shared boyfriends with! We live states away and go years between visits but our friendship remains strong. Must be the long hours spent on the hot hot Brigadier practice field, bonds you for life. Or maybe that terrible performance we did with those mini raincoats to the song, Rain on my Parade. It's becoming clearer to me why the Brigadiers are no more!

Spent a short but sweet time with two of these friends on our tour of Texas this week. They graciously hosted the five of us at their beautiful mountain home. And by gracious I mean Allen bringing out a back hoe so my son Lucas could dig a hole because he thought Lucas would enjoy that. He did. And Diane serving amazing barbecue shrimp and German chocolate cake on a table setting worthy of Southern Living Magazine.

We talked of how in the world is it that we are grandparents now. In our minds we are still the same super cool teenagers we were in high school (ok, Allen was cool and still is while Diane and I were at best the Baytown version of Laverne and Shirley) just slightly more weathered. We talked of our now grown children and exceptional grandchildren and our new responsibilities of taking care of our aging parents that is weighing heavily. I got to visit with their sweet Sherry and her family as she and her husband are raising their four precious boys. What a treat our time was!

Until we meet again dear friends. Let's make it longer and sooner next time.