Wednesday, September 18, 2013


While it may seem that re-starting the clock on raising children is a lot of work, it certainly is. It is not however without perks.We enjoy playing golf and have two very youthful playing partners. This accomplishes many goals, not having to be paired with strangers while we perfect our golf game and having a high energy, not to mention eager, caddy/ball boy. Our daughter has found an unexpected use for golf greens, it's perfect for practicing cart wheels and walking on your hands! Our caddy is unusual in that he loves it when our ball goes into the water as it gives him the opportunity to use the telescoping ball retrieving club. We do have to occasionally discipline our playing partners out on the course for golf etiquette like being careful not to whack your sister in the face while rushing to get out a club. I can do without this perk. I'm hopeful that in a few short years they will remember our patience with them as they play golf with us. Of course then we will have another perk, getting to drive Golf carts with those special Sr. Citizen flags that let you drive all over the course instead of using push carts. There are always perks!

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