Saturday, September 8, 2012

No Fear

After experiencing just one year of public middle school, we made the decision to move our younger three children to a Christian school. It didn't take long to realize much has changed since our older two were in middle school and not for the better. Thankfully, we found a wonderful Christian school not too far from our house (though it was difficult giving up the bus transporting my children to and from school).

I spent the spring and summer attending Open Houses, filling out applications and purchasing school uniforms and supplies. I found the school administrator to be delightfully intimidating and wise in our interview. She had me at hello! She let me know in no uncertain terms that the transition to the school would be difficult for my children. Was I ready for private school? Maybe. While I found the lack of communication frustrating at the public school, the private school I'm finding tends to over communicate. Do I really need a play by play of every volley ball and soccer game played, both varsity and JV? I have been to exactly 3 separate open houses to meet the teachers, 3 separate parent orientation nights and next week and I'm not kidding, will be three separate teacher conferences with their teachers.

On the plus side, I have memorized 6 passages of scripture to this point and at the rate of two per week for the next 3 years, I will have memorized roughly the entire canon of scripture. This is fabulous! No need for Sudoku or Crossword Puzzles to keep this brain going.

There are also lots of rules. I love rules. I am usually the rule maker so it's nice to have someone else making the rules for a change. There are drop off and pick up rules complete with color coded number cards and a 3 lane pick up configuration, as well as uniform and homework rules. I already broke one pick up rule and got a phone call from the office.

The best thing about our move to Christian school is that my children love it! I'm not sure why since their homework load has increased three fold. Weekends aren't even off limits. The one and only reason I am  going to a PTA dinner this coming week is because they are giving each child a homework pass! I am not proud. I know it is God's provision and blessing that my children love their school. God is not only welcomed, He is acknowledged and honored there.

I know it's early yet and we have many more hours of homework to log but I will not be afraid.

Week 3 Bible Verse grade 4-

Have I not commanded you, Be strong and courageous. Do not tremble or be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9.

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