Monday, October 15, 2012

To dye or not to dye

I still haven't made up my mind on whether or not I will embrace the natural graying of my hair or cover the gray. My hair is just barely starting to sprout them (Thank you Daddy!) so I have some time to try the coloring scene out. The whole scene seems like a huge time waster, not to mention money waster. I made an appointment for Saturday morning with my 9 year old son in tow to discuss my options and try something subtle. As I stepped down into the coloring section of the salon, I could tell something was different about that side of the salon. The stylist were decidedly cooler starting with my colorist Nevada who would be doing my hair. Her attire was an off the shoulder black tunic over black leggings with black tall boots. My son even told me later that he noticed most of the ladies had on boots there so it wasn't just me.

 Nevada who described herself as an artist examined my hair, showed me some pictures and went off to mix color. She then introduced me to her assistant, Rain who was wearing a black lace jacket over a black tube top, a black micro mini skirt and Pretty Woman black patent tall boots. She proceeded to give me a head massage ( I'm not sure why) Does it make the color go in deeper? I'm mainly contemplating where all these hip black clothes are purchased as I have never seen them at Gap or Banana Republic. I was then asked very nicely to go sit under a rotating heat lamp which gave me an even better vantage point of the live fashion show before me. I failed to grab my readers so I could read the magazines which btw is the most annoying thing about entering the golden years. I tried to squint and read but derived no enjoyment. The timer began to go off on my heating lamp when I'm not kidding an assistant to the assistant came and told me that she would be washing my hair until Rain was available. I've decided that I need at least one assistant in my life and two would be lovely. All I know is I felt really bad for the assistant to the assistant as I'm sure she did anything and everything no one else wanted to do. I also noticed that the assistant to the assistant wore the least hip clothes, baggy black slacks, nondescript black top and probably didn't have a cool name either.

 My color turned out barely noticeable which was the goal and Rain gave me a fabulous blow out. In my next life I would like to be a colorist so that I can wear hip black clothes, have a cool name and multiple assistants. Yes, that life is looking pretty good right about now.

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