Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jack Who?

This week Laura, our first born gave birth to a beautiful baby girl aka as "Angel Baby, Bridget". That's two for her and I would say she is on a roll for producing precious baby girls. Just like with her first born, Lucy, I raced to Augusta early Monday morning to make it just in time to see Bridget draw her first breath. Amazing doesn't even come close to describing what it's like to witness this miracle from God.

But, if you know me, you know being able to be with Laura and Jason on this miraculous day is complicated given our family's dismissal of the empty nest or at least postponement. We have living at our house three school aged children. Someone needed to hold down the fort while I was away helping Laura and not just any fort, think Alamo. Jack Bauer is otherwise occupied living another day so who will rescue me? Mr. Jakstadt, that's who. Armed with the Renweb homework website and the map of 50 states packet for our youngest to memorize, a band and recorder concert, he had his work cut out for him this week. Feeding them would be the least of his worries as evidenced by the ramen noodles and beans and hot dogs they ate. No wonder they were happy to see me today! I was greeted in the garage with the report that my son had washed his kindle fire in the washing machine. They are not washable.

Nevertheless, I am reminded once again how wonderful a husband and person Mr. Jakstadt is. He loves  us all hugely and puts his love into action which is the only love language that counts in my book. He sprung into action this week with the 50 states and then some. That was one good decision I made at the age of twenty one to marry Mr. Jakstadt. Who cares if I have to spell it every time I give my name. That's, J A K S T A D T, Jakstadt. Jack Bauer's got nothing on you.

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