Friday, May 30, 2014


Last week was filled with my daughter's 8th grade graduation. It was hit or miss that I was going to be able to experience all the 8th grade graduation festivities because of Laura delivering grandchild number three any day. Baby Bridget however was extremely considerate and arrived a week early. Yay!

It's been a few years since Laura and Kristen were in 8th grade and I honestly don't remember this much pomp at the conclusion of 8th grade. All the festivities combined rivaled Laura's graduation from UGA! The School reminisced to the extreme at every opportunity, complete with a banquet, professional pictures and even dancing,  a ceremony the next morning with a video montage from the year and charges from every teacher as they go forth into high school. They don't realize it, but they seriously need to pace themselves!

I was trying my best to keep Mr. Jakstadt in a good humor since it was getting to be past his bedtime, especially during the dancing. However, sitting there when I wasn't making small talk with parents that I had just met and would never see again, I admit I had a chance to reflect on the past seven years that we have had with daughter. Even though it was awkward at times during the video because we did not have any adorable infant and toddler pictures like most of her classmates, I was proud of how she/we handled it and proud of how far we had all come as a family. I could see God's hand on our daughter's life these past seven years. I could see his faithfulness to give us wisdom to enroll her in this Christian school where we have seen her blossom into a godly young woman. I could see confidence and joy in her beautiful smile as she danced to, "Happy". I could see that it's time for us to get used to staying up later again.

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