Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Pretending is fun sometimes. I highly recommend it. I spent the weekend with Eric attending a financial  seminar in Washington, D.C.  A financial person I am not unless you count spending in which I excel. Further more I was sans children, and a car so was free to travel about either on foot, by taxi or by metro. Riding the metro makes me feel positively urban, the hustle while trying not to trip up the escalators, the missing the train and having to wait a long time but looking like it doesn't matter. Speaking of urban, I accidentally found myself running in a park that was in the process of re-stabilization. I ran rather quickly out of there and back onto the road once I spotted a man with what looked like a pacifier in his mouth. I found this disturbing.

During the seminar itself, I was transported back to my college days when the presenter began speaking and I began taking notes.  I would have had my cool MacBook Air to take them on if I had remembered to charge it. Outlets were a premium there and a hazard. One man walked by one of the busier outlets and tripped on one of the dangling wires of someone's laptop, knocking the laptop off the table and falling himself. There was also a man who kept falling completely asleep two rows up from me! I did have to leave myself to get some water to drink during the very dry tax presentation.

I do miss those days of soaking up all the information my brain could contain and then being tested on it, except for Chemistry in which I soaked up very little.  I figure it's this or luminosity to keep this aging brain going. I also can't bring myself to pay for and play those memory games. Who knows maybe I'll learn a thing or two!

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  1. I think it is http://www.lumosity.com/ - not luminosity.