Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Driving Range

I've determined that the game of golf is the great equalizer. You need only to spend an hour at the driving range to find humans of any age, socio-economic status,gender,or size, attempting to loft a tiny golf ball into the air. This looks much easier on TV mind you. It is a very difficult and unnatural movement. Somehow one bends at the waist, while holding the golf club, raise our arms and swing, like a pendulum I'm told, hoping to make contact at just the right spot on the tiny golf ball on the ground. Some people do this well and some do not.

Some of us are there in our own private misery as swing after horrible swing does not achieve the desired result to send the golf ball long and straight. We are all mostly silent. Our extrememly chatty son is even quiet! He already knows this is serious business. I've noticed there's not much smiling either. I am not sure if golf is not supposed to be fun or if one is not supposed to show their enjoyment. One finds all sorts of people at the driving range. There are dads trying to teach their sons who may or may not be interested in learning. There are some very good golfers who do hit amazing shots. They try hard to appear super cool, but I can tell they are quite pleased. There are kids and teens whose spines are made of rubber and can twist completely around with no effort at all. They mostly just swing away, not much stress on their young faces. And there are men who seem to be competing with someone in their mind, probably themselves.
Our son loves the pagentry of golf, cleaning the golf clubs, putting the tees in the ground, getting water from the cooler, tucking his shirt in, wearing cool golf shoes, etc.

I have found several things I love about golf. I'm sure because I have so little of it in my life, I personally love the code of silence. I love the outdoors except when it's allergy season. I love walking the greens. I love the golf clothes. I love the time with Eric. I love the golf cart. I love the occasional ping that I hear when I do hit the golf ball. So I'll continue to play this mysterious game. Who knows maybe I'll improve! Then I can look super cool.

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