Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Changety Change Change

After a wonderfully relaxing summer and I use that term in the loosest sense, I was all set to begin a new school year. I was looking forward to a few changes in our family. I would have a new middle schooler which would mean my younger three would no longer be in the same school or on the same schedule. I must say round two of Middle School Open House was not nearly as stress inducing as round one with our two older girls. I really wanted to reassure the worried parents who surrounded me that they too would survive. They truly looked more worried than the students I have seen and ours said just driving by the school made her feel a little sick! Regardless, this was the biggest change I could foresee for the fall.

The first change that came my way was a part-time job for me! A position had come available in the spring that didn't materialize which I took rather well. I left it in God's hands and decided that it wasn't the right time. I then got a call shortly before school started for a part-time contract position at the same place! The job description/hours couldn't be more perfect and my boss and supervisor are wonderful. I'm hoping that it will continue but whatever time they can employ me is fine. God always has the perfect plan. The look of astonishment on the kids' faces when I told them was priceless. My son told Eric, "Did you know Mom got a job?" I'm not sure if he thought he was getting me in trouble or what. Eric took it like the wonderful husband that he is, even though his life is a bit stressful right now to say the least. He is happy for me and supportive. That leads me to change number two..

Eric's mom fell. Throughout my life, I had heard various people use this term in serious tones and it quite frankly puzzled me. My first thought was, that's unfortunate, but they get up right and go on their merry way. Thankfully I did not pursue nursing or the health care and healing industry in any capacity, right! What I have since learned is that falling for an older person is not the same as falling for a younger person at all. This set in motion unbelievable health and drug complications,panic phone calls,doctor visits,tests scheduled and taken,food prepared,and general care of her and my father-in-law. We are currently on week 4 of the crisis, but I'm sure that this is the first wave of more to come as both of our parents age. How to navigate this new change is uncharted for both of us. Of course, this crisis came at precisely the time when school was starting, I was starting a new job and all of Eric's projects at work were simultaneously screaming for his attention.

Coincidental? I think not. What we have here is a pop quiz. Am I prepared to make meatloaf at 8:00 A.M. with a good attitude? Am I prepared to hold down the fort while Eric is working weekends to make up for the missed work time? Only God knows if I will pass or fail, especially for the long haul. I am reminded that everything we do for them, we do not only for them but for God. Our parents cared for us when we were totally dependent on them and were not very interesting company as infants or even toddlers. They raised us in homes where we learned to love God, which is the very best gift they could give us! It warms my heart to see the goodness of my husband as he cares for his parents. I realized that the time spent with them and for them is more important than my to do list,really. Ultimately people,especially hurting people are very important to God. I can trust that God knows all the work deadlines and projects and everything else happening at our house. He will take care of them in a way that only the God of the Universe can do. What a relief!

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