Sunday, July 20, 2014

Heaven is Real

Heaven is real and I'm in grand baby heaven at my house with Lucy,Wyatt and Bridget. Yes, they come with lots and lots of baggage, literal baggage. I'm talking musical piano play mats, an
English and Spanish talking bus, a musical rolling turtle with a mirror and multiple video monitors. And that doesn't include the one dimensional toys like baby dolls and board books and puzzles, teethers, pacifiers, etc.. I haven't seen the floor of my family room for 2 weeks!

But their tiny hands, their chubby little legs and their sweet little faces, I find them hard to resist and don't. I can barely stand their cuteness and can't believe how much I love them. They are blessings from God and I'm soaking up every moment with them while they will still let me hold them. It's already hit or miss with Miss Lucy and she's only 2! Miss Lucy is on the move and in one big hurry!

Three babies under one roof along with our three younger ones who have graduated to mostly helpers now is a challenge, but we are up to the task. We went on several walks, went to the outlet mall, the zoo, the pool, Pappasitos, and more. Yes, we spent an inordinate amount of time in dressing rooms to nurse/change the babies, but it still counts. Our ability to go anywhere was dependent on who needed to be fed, napped, changed or entertained the most. Suffice it to say, Gigi never made to the top of the list and never did get a potty break!

I found the dance of the strollers entertaining as well. We would start out optimistically with the babies in one of their many respective strollers depending on whether the outing required a jogging stroller, shopping stroller or light umbrella stroller. No matter the stroller, it was approximately 15 minutes before the babies would become unhappy and we would end up carrying them while pushing the strollers. Babies can sense when their mommies are not expending the most energy to care for them and are quick to rectify this situation. This can have more than the obvious downside of being difficult. Laura walked out of Gymboree without her stroller/phone/wallet because she was carrying Bridget in the front pack and forgot it. Thankfully thieves are not frequenting Gymboree even though they should. Everything in the store was $9.99 or below and it's filled with distracted mothers!

Heaven is seeing my now grown babies become amazing, loving, self sacrificing mommies to their little ones, all with little sleep! There is nothing sweeter than witnessing sweet mommy love. Lucy, Wyatt, and Bridget thank you and so do I!

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