Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Riding Lesson Blues

Reluctantly, we are once again in the equine world with our third eldest daughter. Believe me we tried to interest her in swimming, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf to name a few less expensive sports, all in vain. We entered this world once before with Kristen, our second eldest and ended up donating a horse that we had purchased because he was too wild to ride. I digress.

Regardless, here we are with some experience under our belt at least to help us not get to that ridiculous point. She fell in love with horse back riding at camp and I mistakenly gave her a few lessons for her birthday one year. She continued taking lessons once/weekly at the one and only local barn on a horse we did not purchase. The whole barn scene is messy anyway with the mud and dust and manure and horse dander that I happen to be allergic to, but their bookkeeping is worse. Trying to decipher where I stand with payments is proving to be frustrating to say the least. The trainer has one record, the owner has another record and I have a different record of where I stand.  But the day in question happens to be the day that our daughter put the car into the fence at the church parking lot. That day has been burned into my brain and I am positive she did not take a riding lesson!

I'm sorry to say that my first reaction was to pull her out completely and never darken the door of the dusty, mucky, allergen producing barn again. I don't need this in my life! Thankfully, the voice of reason, aka, TVOR stopped me. He comes in handy now and again. This gave me time to realize I have a great opportunity here to be pleasant and patient and Christian. I called the owner yesterday and had a very nice conversation with her with an idea of how to keep better track of lessons taken. She still has to get with the trainer and get back to me, but I'm hopeful that we can continue with lessons. Is that a good thing? I'm not sure, but at least I didn't lose my testimony! For that I can be thankful.

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