Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A walk in the rain

This week has been busier than most and that is saying a lot! This week we are hosting a missionary at our house which means I feel the need to create a clean, peaceful, holy environment- ridiculous I know. It's funny what one thinks one must do or not do in the presence of a missionary. I do consider it an honor to host someone who has heeded God's call to go to a foreign land to spread the name of Jesus. I'm also using it to the hilt with my kids. "Shh, the missionary is still sleeping." in the morning as they get ready for school at 6:20. The only problem is, the missionary has been kept quite busy with meetings, etc.and it was three days before they laid eyes on him!

Yesterday afternoon, the two youngest came in to ask if I would take them for a walk. My answer was perhaps, which is the best answer I have found in response to one of those questions. Perhaps gives some hope even if you really plan for your answer to be no but can't bring yourself to burst their bubble just yet. My son came running in to confirm if  it was true, did I say we could go on a walk? I truly did not have time to spend going on a walk. I had to tidy up for the missionary, which pretty much needs to be done on a constant basis. My youngest came inside and told me to get a jacket, that I would need it for the walk, but that it was by no means raining. Well, that was my out, it's raining! Ruining my hair is reason enough. I have never seen such a devastating look come across her face. I couldn't do it. Walking we would go. I don't think telling them we were going to Disney World would have made them happier. They jumped on their scooters/bicycles and off we went. What started out as a drizzle did become rain and my hair did frizz and curl in an unattractive way. But it turns out going for a walk was a fantastic idea. I loved our walk! They loved our walk! I'm so glad we went on a walk. I would even say it was the most peaceful, and even holy part of my day.  

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