Friday, December 2, 2011

Smokin in the Boy's Room

The Middle School years I'm convinced were conceived by a dark and evil being for the sole purpose of a slow and painful torture. This is accomplished by erasing whatever feelings of competence or even mastery a parent may have acquired in previous years of parenting. Having raised two daughters, by and large successfully, I thought my second go round would be easier. Why I would think feeling marginalized and decidedly uncool would be easier to swallow, I do not know. All I know is that overnight I went from being a perfectly acceptable parent to an idoit parent while their peers just as suddenly became all knowing and wise. Spend 5 minutes in the company of 6th graders. I dare you to find much wisdom. This communication dead zone also comes at the very instant when their bodies are maturing at a much faster rate than their brains. Not a good combination if you ask me.

Not one to be discouraged for long, I harkened back to my own Jr. High years. Now you know just how far back we're talking. I recall taking my own stroll down stupid lane and found myself in a compromising situation to say the least. the year was 1973, the year of the great songs like Smokin in the Boy's room, Knock Three times, and American Pie (what in the world was that song about?). My normally sensible 13 yr.old self had my head turned by Wesley, a blue jean jacket/white t-shirt wearing bad boy. I'm fairly certain that he also smoked cigarettes.

It all began on a class geology field trip to Austin, Tx. While I learned not one thing about fossils, I learned plenty about Wesley on the way home on the bus all the way home. This consisted of no more than hand holding and I can only imagine our conversation, but it began my secret life which would eventually find me trying to sneak unsuccessfully into my house through my bedroom window! I was caught and punished and funny I don't remember anything else about Wesley after that.

Thankfully God had bigger plans for my life and I din't follow Wesley into a life of smoking and crime although I do enjoy wearing jean jackets. God remained faithful despite my stupidity. In fact, His mercies are new every morning. This cheers me because I know He will equip me with every good thing to do His will, the Middle School years not excluded. In short, having a Middle Schooler will bring you to your knees which is precisely the point and where I need to be.

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