Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hobby Town

I've recently discovered the underground world of Men's hobbies.  It started little by little at our house a couple of years ago when our son was "old" enough to appreciate and operate motorized toys.  There are a surprising number of motorized toys on the market,cars,trucks,boats,trains,planes and helicopters and they can all be found at Hobby Town, not to be confused with Hobby Lobby which is mostly home decor.  Hobby Town apparently (I've never actually been) is a huge showroom where one can find not only the vehicles but endless vehicle parts and accessories to add to or fix the vehicle.  This is a good thing because these vehicles are not terribly rugged.

I went away for a girl's weekend and as soon as I walked in the door my son told me that my husband flew the just purchased helicopter high into the 100 ft. pine tree where it still is!  They are waiting for a wind storm to blow it down as it is too high to get to with a ladder.  So much for discretion.  My husband would not tell me the purchase price of the helicopter so I'm guessing it wasn't cheap.  Not only that, he went right back and purchased another one!  This is fast becoming an addiction.  Apparently as he was in line to pay for the second helicopter, he was relaying his story where there were fellow helicopter enthusiasts who had suffered the same fate. That's when the salesman said he forgot to tell him that these vehicles are like potato chips, no one can buy just one!

My husband has since purchased these strange balancing ping pong balls that attach to the helicopter to practice idling among other things.  He also found Hobby Town  carries items to aid in the pinewood derby race so our son's car does better than last year.  He assures me that it is not cheating! It's like a Toys R Us for grown men!  So far I have yet to see our son operate the vehicles although I'm told he does.  They went to the park this past Saturday, flew the latest helicopter and came back with most of it. I think a wing was broken and it needs to be calibrated, whatever that means.  Sounds like another trip to Hobby Town.

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