Friday, January 21, 2011

Magical Days

It has come to my attention that we added a new family member to our family on Christmas day, Hannah as she was named by my 6 year old daughter.  She is of the American Girl Doll variety, but make no mistake just as real as any other person living in our house.  I debated whether or not she was too young for an authentic American Girl doll as the recommend age stamped in the catalog is 8 yrs. old.  Last Christmas we gave her a "fake" one from Costco to see if she would keep her head and limbs attached, clothed, and somewhat combed.  Except for a little frizziness and a few periods of nakedness, I decided that she was indeed ready for the real thing and I am so glad I did.  The look on her face Christmas morning when she opened up her look alike American Girl doll and bed was worth every penny (and there were many pennies spent!).  Hannah has been her constant companion ever since they made their acquaintance. She puts Hannah's bed right beside her, in her own bed every night as the floor is too far away.  She brings her down to breakfast and for every meal and takes her with us on errands.  One of her chores is unloading the dishwasher and I found her holding Hannah on her hip while unloading with the other, talking to her the whole time.  She informed me that it was time Hannah started learning something so she was going to start teaching her how to read. I'm pretty sure later that day she brought down a sample of her writing for me to admire. She lovingly combs her hair shiny smooth and enjoys her company immensely. 

The world of reality and make believe is wonderfully blurred for her and she lets me know that I am welcome to join her anytime I want.  Sometimes I go with her and find myself giving Hannah a kiss goodnight and a hug or holding her while she puts on her coat!  I must say Hannah is extremely well behaved, mostly seen and not heard.  She is fast becoming one of my favorites too! My daughter is happy to let anyone who is willing into her make believe world. Laura, our oldest is usually a willing participant so is frequently wrangled whenever she is home.  Let me tell you there is nothing more precious to see our oldest daughter who is 25 yrs. old, playing dolls and dress up with her youngest sister.

My daughter isn't the only one who is in love with Hannah, my 7 yr. old son has fallen under her spell as well and would like one of his own. He also enjoys combing and fixing Hannah's hair although it is roughly the same motion as when he peels potatoes.  I had no idea that I would really be counting on the quality construction when I paid the big bucks.  He adores his younger sister and they are only 13 months apart so anything that is important to her is also important to him is the most likely explanation. She pretty much dictates their play, his life and he is perfectly happy with that set up. He let her play with his Legos one afternoon.  Instead of using them to construct something, she had magically transformed them into colorful pasta shapes and was pouring them into bowls.  I am somewhat concerned with my son's interest in dolls as well as wanting to play dress up with her, but I'm trying to play it cool at this point, by cool I mean not taking him to a child psychologist!  His birthday is coming up so should I get him his own doll or the basketball goal? American Girl does not have an American boy, I checked.

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